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Premier Viking® Appliance Repair Services

Welcome to Top Appliance Repair, your go-to experts for Viking® appliance repair in San Jose, CA. With over a decade of experience, our skilled technicians offer reliable, efficient services for all your Viking appliance needs. From refrigerators to cooktops, we ensure your appliances run smoothly.
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Reliable Repair for Viking® Refrigerators, Stoves, Ovens, and Cooktops

Our journey began over ten years ago with a commitment to providing exceptional appliance repair services in San Jose. Since then, Top Appliance Repair has grown into a trusted name, recognized for our technical expertise, prompt service, and a deep understanding of Viking appliances. We continually train our technicians in the latest appliance repair techniques to ensure we offer the best service possible.

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Viking® Refrigerator Repair

We understand the importance of a perfectly functioning refrigerator. That’s why we offer comprehensive repair services, from fixing temperature inconsistencies to replacing faulty components, ensuring your Viking refrigerator operates as efficiently as the day you bought it.

Viking® Stove Repair

Your Viking stove is the heart of your kitchen. Whether you’re dealing with burner issues or inconsistent heating, our team is proficient in addressing all kinds of stove problems, ensuring a safe and enjoyable cooking experience.

Viking® Oven Repair

A malfunctioning oven can disrupt your cooking routine. Our technicians are adept at solving various oven issues, including uneven heating, door malfunctions, and electronic control problems, restoring your oven’s functionality and reliability.

Viking® Cooktop Repair

We specialize in maintaining and repairing Viking cooktops. From ignition problems to temperature control issues, we ensure your cooktop is in optimal condition for your culinary needs.

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