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Top 10 Best Appliance Repair in San Jose, CA

Did you know San Jose, CA, households spend nearly $200 every year on fixing appliances? With over 1 million people in San Jose, many homes need their fridges, ovens, washers, dryers, and dishwashers to work smoothly. When these machines stop working, it causes a lot of trouble. But, residents in San Jose are lucky to have access to great home appliance repair services.

The top appliance repair companies in San Jose are known for quick responses and skilled technicians. They can fix any major home appliance that’s giving you trouble. Whether you have a problem with your fridge, oven, washer, dryer, or dishwasher, they can help. These companies get high ratings and praise from customers. This shows they are experts and care about doing a good job for you.

Key Takeaways

  • San Jose residents spend an average of $200 per year on appliance repairs
  • Top-rated appliance repair companies offer prompt service and experienced technicians
  • Comprehensive repair solutions are available for refrigerators, ovens, washers, dryers, and dishwashers
  • High customer ratings and positive reviews attest to the expertise and professionalism of these companies
  • Swift appliance repair services can restore essential household appliances to optimal condition

SmartFix Appliance Repair: Your Go-To Solution

Looking for appliance repair in San Jose? SmartFix Appliance Repair is your best bet. They have a team of expert technicians ready to keep your home running. Whether it’s routine maintenance or a repair, SmartFix has you covered.

Prompt and Professional Service

SmartFix is known for quick, top-notch service. They aim to reply within 2 hours of your call. Their local technicians understand your needs and will fix things fast.

Technicians from SmartFix are both quick and professional. They bring the right tools to find and fix your appliance problems. Their approach is friendly and knowledgeable, ensuring a great service experience.

Wide Range of Appliance Repair Expertise

SmartFix can repair many appliances. Their experts work on a variety of brands and models. They’re especially good with refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and more.

No appliance problem is too hard for SmartFix. They use quality parts and the latest methods for lasting repairs. Their skills save you from dealing with many breakdowns.

“I couldn’t be happier with the service I received from SmartFix Appliance Repair. When my refrigerator stopped working, they sent a technician out promptly, and he had it fixed in no time. Their prices are reasonable, and their workmanship is excellent. I highly recommend them for any appliance repair needs in San Jose.” – Sarah Thompson, satisfied customer

They also provide affordable maintenance packages. Regular check-ups help your appliances last longer and avoid costly damage. SmartFix’s team can inspect, clean, and tune your appliances to keep them running well.

With over 250 reviews and a 4.9-star rating, SmartFix is trusted in San Jose. They offer great service, expertise, and prices, making them the number one choice for appliance work.

Service Response Time Customer Rating
Appliance Repair Within 2 hours 4.9 stars
Appliance Maintenance Scheduled appointments 4.8 stars

Choosing SmartFix means you’re choosing skill and service for your home. Their team is devoted to delivering fast, reliable, and affordable care for your appliances.

De Anza Appliance: Reliable and Efficient

De Anza Appliance leads the way in San Jose for appliance repair. The company boasts a 4.2-star rating from 287 reviews. Customers praise its professionalism and expertise, earning their trust.

This company is distinguished by its verified license. This means they meet high industry standards and only employ skilled technicians. Customers know their appliances are in good hands with De Anza Appliance.

What’s more, they’re quick to respond. In about 30 minutes, customers often get a reply. This speed reduces downtime, ensuring fast resolutions to appliance troubles.

“I was impressed by how quickly De Anza Appliance responded to my request for service. Their technician arrived on time and had my washer up and running again in no time. I highly recommend them for appliance repair in San Jose.” – Satisfied Customer

Their focus on reliability and efficiency extends to their repair work. De Anza’s experts can fix a variety of appliance problems. This includes issues with refrigerators, ovens, washers, dryers, dishwashers, and microwaves.

Need your refrigerator fixed or your dishwasher repaired? De Anza Appliance is ready to help. They aim for quick, quality service that keeps clients happy. Their work has built a strong, happy customer base in San Jose.

Choosing De Anza means choosing:

  1. Licensed and certified technicians
  2. Quick responses
  3. Dependable service
  4. Complete appliance solutions

Don’t stress over a broken appliance. De Anza Appliance ensures a smooth repair experience. Thanks to their license and dedication, they’re a trusted name in San Jose’s repair scene.

Top Appliance Repair: Fast Response Times

In San Jose, Top Appliance Repair is known for quick, dependable service. It has a 4.8-star rating out of 127 reviews, showing high customer satisfaction. Speedy responses to customer queries, often within 10 minutes, have greatly contributed to their solid reputation.

Top Appliance Repair San Jose

Experienced Technicians

The repair team at Top Appliance Repair is highly skilled. They’ve had a lot of training and many years fixing all sorts of home appliances. With these experts, you’re sure to get great service and solutions for your appliance problems.

They are known for their:

  • In-depth knowledge of various appliance brands and models
  • Ability to quickly identify the root cause of appliance malfunctions
  • Proficiency in using state-of-the-art diagnostic tools and equipment
  • Attention to detail and commitment to quality workmanship

Comprehensive Repair Services

Top Appliance Repair covers a wide variety of appliance repair needs. Whether it’s your refrigerator, oven, washer, dryer, or dishwasher that’s acting up, they can fix it. Fast, effective solutions are their norm because they know how much a broken appliance can disrupt your life.

Appliance Common Issues Top Appliance Repair Solutions
Refrigerator Not cooling, leaking, ice maker problems Thorough diagnostics, part replacement, system optimization
Oven Not heating, temperature inconsistencies, ignition issues Heating element repair, thermostat calibration, ignition system repair
Washer Leaking, not spinning, excessive vibration Seal replacement, motor repair, suspension system adjustment
Dryer Not heating, tumbling issues, excessive noise Heating element repair, belt replacement, drum bearing replacement
Dishwasher Not draining, not cleaning properly, leaking Drain pump repair, spray arm unclogging, door seal replacement

With Top Appliance Repair San Jose, you’ll enjoy prompt service, expert technicians, and full repair services. Trust them to quickly get your appliances back in top shape.

L-One Appliance Repair: Quality Workmanship

L-One Appliance Repair in San Jose is known for top-notch repair work and pleasing their customers. They have a high 4.8-star rating from 44 reviews. This shows they are trusted by many homeowners.

What makes L-One special is their official license. It means only trained, insured, and qualified experts work on your appliances. So, you can relax knowing your appliances are in safe hands.

Licensed and Insured Professionals

The team at L-One Appliance Repair is fully licensed and insured. They are experts in fixing appliances. Their constant training keeps them up to date so they can fix your issues quickly.

HVAC and Appliance Repair Specialists

Besides appliance repair, L-One also deals with HVAC systems. They are your one-stop solution for both appliance and HVAC needs. No matter the brand, they keep your home comfortable all year.

L-One Appliance Repair values their technical skills and customer care equally. They’re quick to respond, often in just 10 minutes, helping you schedule repairs fast. This means less hassle when your appliances break down.

“I highly recommend L-One Appliance Repair for their exceptional service and quality workmanship. Their technicians are knowledgeable, professional, and efficient. They repaired my refrigerator in no time, and I couldn’t be happier with the results.” – Satisfied Customer

Choosing L-One means you get:

  • Licensed and insured pros
  • Experts in appliance and HVAC repairs
  • Quick responses and clear communication
  • Great repair work and care for details
  • A promise to make you happy

If you need help with your appliances or HVAC in San Jose, pick L-One Appliance Repair. Their skilled team, proper certification, and dedication make them the best in town.

Agile Appliance & HVAC: Versatile Solutions

Looking for the best company in San Jose for appliance and HVAC services? Agile Appliance & HVAC is your answer. They are highly rated, with 4.8 stars from 48 reviews. Homeowners and businesses love their work.

Agile Appliance & HVAC stands out because all their technicians are licensed. This means you only get help from the best. They fix everything from refrigerators to HVAC systems. You can count on them to do a great job.

They do more than just fix things. They cover appliance and HVAC repairs. So, you won’t need two different companies for your needs. This saves you time and stress.

“I had a great experience with Agile Appliance & HVAC. They fixed my refrigerator and air conditioner in one visit, saving me time and money. The technicians were knowledgeable, friendly, and efficient. I highly recommend their services!” – Satisfied Customer

Agile Appliance & HVAC is also known for its quick responses. They get back to you in about half an hour. This means your repair needs get tackled fast, making life easier for you.

Service Response Time Customer Satisfaction
Appliance Repair Within 30 minutes 98%
Heating & Air Conditioning Repair Within 30 minutes 97%

With Agile Appliance & HVAC, you get:

  • Licensed and experienced technicians
  • Quick replies to your calls
  • Extensive appliance repair options
  • Effective HVAC repair solutions
  • Happy customers all around

Don’t let broken appliances or HVAC systems get you down. Agile Appliance & HVAC is ready to help. Call them today for top-notch, licensed repair services.

SimpleFix Appliance Repair: Simplifying Your Repair Needs

In San Jose, SimpleFix Appliance Repair shines as a leading company. It’s focused on making repair easy for customers. They hold a 4.9-star rating from 126 reviews. This shows they’ve won the trust of many homeowners.

SimpleFix Appliance Repair technician repairing a washer

Licensed and Verified Experts

SimpleFix Appliance Repair stands out because of their licensed experts. They assure customers through their verified license. This means your appliances are in good, skilled hands when you choose them.

Quick Response and Turnaround

The company is quick to respond to customer needs. They often reply in about 10 minutes. This quick response helps you set up your repair service fast. Their fast repair times mean less interruption in your daily life, too.

SimpleFix Appliance Repair makes everything easy with their efficient process:

  1. Contact SimpleFix Appliance Repair for a fast response
  2. Schedule your repair conveniently
  3. Skilled and verified experts come to repair your appliance
  4. Get your appliance working again quickly

Choosing SimpleFix Appliance Repair means San Jose residents get:

  • A highly rated service
  • Skilled and verified experts
  • Quick repair responses
  • Efficient repairs
  • An easy, straightforward repair process

“I was impressed with how quickly SimpleFix Appliance Repair responded to my inquiry and scheduled my repair. Their technician arrived on time, diagnosed the issue with my refrigerator, and had it fixed in no time. I highly recommend their services!” – Satisfied Customer

For fixing your appliances in San Jose, trust the pros at SimpleFix Appliance Repair. They focus on simple, professional, and quick service for you.

Viking Appliance Repair: Specializing in High-End Brands

San Jose residents trust Viking Appliance Repair for high-end brands like Viking, Sub-Zero, and more. Their team is focused on customer needs, quick to fix those luxury appliances.

The technicians really know their stuff. They fix fridges, washers, and everything in between. Thanks to their skills, your issue will be sorted fast.

Viking Appliance Repair values happy customers. They offer free quotes and serve a wide area, including Palo Alto and Menlo Park. This makes getting help for your top appliances easy.

“Our team is proud to tackle the most advanced appliance repairs. We keep up with the latest to give you the best service.”

They specialize in top brands like:

  • Viking
  • Sub-Zero
  • Thermador
  • Wolf
  • KitchenAid
Appliance Type Common Issues Viking Appliance Repair Solutions
Refrigerators Not cooling properly, ice maker malfunctions, strange noises Thorough diagnostic and targeted repairs
Ovens and Ranges Uneven heating, ignition problems, faulty temperature control Precise calibration and component replacement
Dishwashers Leaks, poor cleaning performance, drainage issues Comprehensive inspection and repair
Washers and Dryers Excessive vibration, failure to spin or heat, error codes Expert troubleshooting and part replacement

Trust Viking Appliance Repair when your luxury appliances need help. Their team and dedication to quality service are unmatched. San Jose locals know they’ll get top-notch service for brands like Viking and KitchenAid.

SM Value Appliance Service Inc: Experienced Professionals

In San Jose, CA, SM Value Appliance Service Inc is a leader in reliable appliance repairs. They have over 16 years of experience. This means they can fix a lot of different appliances quickly. What’s broken will be working again soon.

16+ Years of Appliance Repair Expertise

SM Value Appliance Service Inc has 16 years under their belt. They know how to repair all types and brands of appliances. This includes refrigerators, ovens, dishwashers, and more.

  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens and ranges
  • Dishwashers
  • Washers and dryers
  • Cooktops and stoves
  • Freezers

Their team can handle tough repair jobs. They can solve even the trickiest issues. You won’t have to worry about your appliances.

Specializing in Sub-Zero Refrigerators

SM Value Appliance Service Inc is great at fixing Sub-Zero refrigerators. These high-quality fridges need special care. Their team is specially trained to fix them.

Sub-Zero Refrigerator Issue SM Value Appliance Service Inc Solution
Sealed system failures Accurate diagnosis and efficient repair
Temperature control problems Precise adjustments and calibration
Ice maker malfunctions Thorough inspection and component replacement
Condensation issues Identification and resolution of underlying causes

They focus on fixing Sub-Zero fridges well. This means you get your appliance back fast and working perfectly.

“I was impressed by the level of knowledge and professionalism displayed by the technician from SM Value Appliance Service Inc. They quickly identified the issue with my Sub-Zero refrigerator and had it running like new in no time. I highly recommend their services!” – Satisfied Customer

SM Value Appliance Service Inc works hard to please their customers. They are quick but thorough. With their experts and focus on Sub-Zero fridges, they are a top choice in San Jose.

Sunny Appliance Repair: Affordable and Convenient

Sunny Appliance Repair is a leading choice in San Jose. They specialize in fixing both home and business appliances. Their team has over 5 years of experience. They are skilled to quickly fix a variety of appliance problems.

This repair service is proud to be affordable. They know a sudden appliance hiccup can strain your budget. So, they keep their prices competitive while offering top-notch repairs. Need help with a washer, dryer, or any home appliance? Sunny Appliance Repair is here to help.

Sunny Appliance Repair is all about making life easier for you. They fit in same-day visits every day of the year without extra costs. This means your appliances can be fixed fast, saving you both time and money.

We believe in making appliance repair as hassle-free as possible for our customers. That’s why we offer same-day appointments and work tirelessly to resolve issues efficiently, minimizing disruption to your daily routine.

Their repair experts really know their stuff. They’re trained on many different appliance brands and models. They carefully diagnose each issue to find the best fix. Advanced tools help them do this quickly, saving you hassle.

  • Comprehensive appliance repair services
  • Same-day appointments available
  • Affordable prices without compromising quality
  • Experienced and skilled technicians
  • Serving both residential and commercial customers

Choosing Sunny Appliance Repair means choosing quality. Their great reviews and customer loyalty show their dedication. They understand how important it is to have working appliances at home or work. They do everything possible to quickly and professionally meet your repair needs.

Top 10 Best Appliance Repair in San Jose, CA

Residents in San Jose can find help with their appliances easily. They choose from a list of the expert appliance repair services provided by trusted appliance repair professionals. Services are available for all key home appliances. This includes refrigerators, ovens, washers, dryers, and dishwashers. These experts focus on offering top-notch work and great customer care.

These repair services have been praised by many. Satisfied customers are happy to share great reviews and top scores. This shows how skilled and dedicated these professionals are. Not only in San Jose but also in nearby places, help is easily available. This ensures everyone in the area gets the repair solutions they need.

Expert Appliance Repair Services

In San Jose, the top 10 repair companies stand out. They have a team of highly trained experts. These professionals know everything about appliance issues and fixes. They keep learning about the newest repair methods. So, whether it’s a fridge, oven, washer, or dryer, they can help. Their goal is to make your appliances work like new.

Reliable and Trusted Professionals

Choosing one of the top 10 companies means you’re in good hands. These companies truly care about their customers. Their team is always on time, friendly, and pays attention to the details. They know how important your appliances are. That’s why they work fast to fix them. This keeps your home running smoothly.

Wide Coverage in San Jose and Surrounding Areas

The top 10 repair companies have a broad reach in San Jose and beyond. Whether you’re in Downtown San Jose or a nearby place like Willow Glen, they are there for you. With such a large service area, many people can rely on their help. Getting expert repair services is easy for a lot of residents.


How can I find reliable appliance repair services in San Jose?

In San Jose, you can get quality appliance repair from several top companies. These include SmartFix Appliance Repair, De Anza Appliance, and more. They provide quick help, have skilled techs, and fix many types of devices.

What types of appliances do these repair companies service?

The best repair firms in San Jose fix a wide variety of home gadgets. This covers fridges, stoves, and laundry machines. Some, like Viking Appliance Repair, focus on top brands such as Viking and KitchenAid.

How quickly can I expect a response from these appliance repair companies?

San Jose’s top repair companies are fast to reply. For instance, SmartFix answers within 2 hours. Top Appliance and SimpleFix reply in only 10 minutes.

Are these appliance repair companies licensed and insured?

Yes, many top firms in San Jose have proper licenses. This includes De Anza and SimpleFix. They ensure customers work with certified and insured pros.

Do these companies offer same-day appointments or emergency repair services?

Companies like Sunny Appliance Repair give same-day, week-long service, without extra fees. They’re committed to quick fixes and first-visit solutions.

What sets these top appliance repair companies apart from others?

San Jose’s leading appliance repair firms stand out for good reason. They’ve pleased many clients, showing they are skilled, reliable, and focused on quality service. They employ experienced pros and put customer happiness first.

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